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Video Rectangles

Video Rectangle ad formats are designed for showing widescreen television (16:9) aspect ratio videos so that the image will fill the whole ad area. Video Rectangles make it possible to use television ads in display advertising in an cost-effective way. Video Rectangles come in three different sizes.

  • An impressive and cost-effective creative.
  • Many targeting and tracking possibilities.
  • An easy way to utilise television ads in display advertising.
  • Price for creative: 350 €+VAT. Delivery (if requested): CPM 0,45€+VAT.


An example of a Wide Video Rectangle ad. Start video playback by placing your mouse cursor over the ad. Click the ad to open campaign web site.

Technical Specification

Video Rectangle pixel sizes for 16:9 aspect ratio image are

  • Video Rectangle: 300 x 169 px
  • Wide Video Rectangle: 468 x 263 px
  • Video 640: 640 x 360 px
  • See: example diagram.

Video Ractangle height can vary according to the original video aspect ratio. This allows the use of videos with other than 16:9 aspect ratio without showing black bars at the top and bottom of the image. For example, a Cinemascope 1:2.40 aspect ratio image (used occasionally also in television advertising) made into Wide Video Rectangle will have a pixel size of 468 x 195 px.

Fast and Reliable MeReCDN Delivery (when requested)

All Video Rectangle ad material can be delivered from the customer's or publisher's own server. Optionally, Mediareaktori offers a delivery service from a separate server optimized for this purpose (MeReCDN). The delivery has been implemented paying special attention to file transfer speed and picture quality.

More Information

Want to know more about Video Rectangle? Please cpntact:

Tommi Lahtinen
technical specialist
+358 (0)50 377 0485





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