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Mobile Video

In Mobile Video ad, tapping the ad banner executes video playback. The video is played in the mobile device's own video player application (usually in full-screen mode).

The advertiser creates an ad banner according to the instructions from Mediareaktori and delivers the banner and a high-resolution video to the publisher.

All video optimization is done individually by Mediareaktori considering the features and quality of the particular video at hand.

Statistics for Banner and Video

Mobile Video ad provides the following statistics:

  • Ad banner: Impression, Click
  • Video: Play, Complete

Fast and Reliable MeReCDN Delivery

All video material in the Mobile Video ad is delivered from a separate server optimized for this purpose (MeReCDN).

More Information

Want to know more about Mobile Video? Please contact:

Sampsa Huttunen
executive producer
+358 (0)50 344 8709





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