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Corner Ad


A Corner Ad is created from a Leaderboard and a Billboard, which are placed seamessly together in the corner of the page (for example a Leaderboard + an upper Billboard).

  • Please note that ad combinations and sizes may vary depending on the publisher.
  • Also note that different publisher have different page layouts. The common placing for a Billboard is under the Leaderboard, not beside it.
  • Please also read instructions for individual ads (see Basic Banners).
  • If any part of the Corner Ad needs synchronized timing, the creatives must be delivered at least 5 workdays before the start of the campaign.



Back-up image (GIF, JPG or PNG) 

Please use RGB colour space in images since some browsers don't support CMYK colours.

Flash (SWF)


  • Deliver target URL separately. No URLs should be included inside the Flash file. Avoid Scandinavian letters and other special characters in the URL, since they may cause encoding problems when the ad is driven through several systems.
  • A link (clickTAG) action in Flash application needs to be implemented with the following script (AS2):

getURL(_root.clickTAG, "_blank");

  • The ad management system will handle the opening of the final URL with ClickTAG. Important! clickTAG must be in expression format (without quotation marks). Spelling clickTAG: lowercase and capital lettering as shown in the example. If there is more than one clickTAG in the banner, they must be named: clickTAG1, clickTAG2 and so on. Each clickTAG needs its own URL target address. Flash ActionScript code should not be obfuscated or hidden. ActionScript version 2 should be used as a default. So far there are no standards for ActionScript 3.

  • Links must be opened in separate browser window (target="_blank"). 

  • It is recommended to execute the Flash link button as an invisible layer on the whole banner area, so that target page will open when clicked anywhere on the ad. This way you do not need to create a new button for each frame.


  • The duration of a Flash animation is not recommended to be more than 15 seconds.

  • A separate HTML file or sniffer code is not needed.

  • The framerate should be 12 (max. 18) frames per second (fps). Too high a framerate may slow down less-powerful computers, when several ads are shown on the same site. 

  • In Flash ads, using insignificant animations should be avoided, especially transparency and animations based on mathematical patterns. Graphical elements should be simple and grouped as often as possible. Use symbols for same kind of objects. 

  • Inform us in advance, if your Flash is going to download additional material from another location during its execution. The total size of the original Flash and additional material should not be more than 40kb. Additional material may exceptionally be the maximum of 500kb if downloading is activated by the user with a mouse click or a pointer. Same rules apply to Flash loader and streaming solutions. Read also further instructions about video and audio.


  • Information about the Flash player version needed for the banner should be enclosed. SWF file needs to be published in Flash player version 6 (at minimum). If you are not able to use Flash player version 6, please inform us.


  • A back-up gif should be created in GIF/JPG/PNG format (max. size 40 kb). Flash ads can only be shown in web browsers which have Adobe Macromedia Flash Player version 6 or higher. Otherwise, a back-up gif will be shown.

Testing materials
Materials should be tested with the most common web browsers.

  Further instructions about testing


Delivering materials
Materials should be delivered 5-3 days before the campaign starts.

  Further information on delivering materials






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