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Inserting the link action

Flash materials (SWF)

Link (clickTAG) action in Flash application needs to be implemented with following script:

getURL(_root.clickTAG, "_blank");

URL target address is delivered separately: No URLs should be included inside the Flash file! Ad management system will handle the opening of the final URL with ClickTAG. Link must be opened in separate browser window (target="_blank").

More information

  • clickTAG must be in expression format (without quotation marks).
  • Spelling clickTAG: lowercase and capital lettering as shown in the example.
  • If there is more than one clickTAG in the banner, they must be named: clickTAG1, clickTAG2 and so on. For example:

    getURL(_root.clickTAG1, "_blank");
    getURL(_root.clickTAG2, "_blank");

    Each clickTAG needs its own URL target address.
  • Flash ActionScript code should not be obfuscated or hidden. ActionScript version 2 should be used as a default. So far there are no standards for ActionScript 3.






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